Now that I’ve reached 50 fight skill, it’s time to work on getting to 70. Mobs give me a lot less skill than they once gave, so there’s two ways I can go about this. I can work on fighting specific encounters that give me the most FS (champs, are a good way to get FS for example) or I can just continue to battle everything that moves, and disregard how much skill I actually get per kill. This later method is my preferred choice.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to weapons, and so far to get to 50 FS I’ve used the good reliable ‘sword and board’ – that is a longsword and a shield. I use ‘normal’ fighting, and once I hit 40 FS or so I turned off auto fight and started taking part (what little interaction there is) in the battles.

Now that I’m a bit ‘tougher’ I’m thinking of switching it up a bit. I’m quite fond of the large maul for attacking, and aggressive as a fight method. This is mostly because two of my characters wear drake gear, which is quite strong and able to stand up to me getting hit a time or two while I wait for my next swing. I have a very nice 80 QL large maul with lifetransfer on it (a Fo spell, when you hit a mob it has a chance to heal your wounds) that is perfect for this type of combat.

I’ve still also never dabbled with range fighting at all, which seems odd for me to say because in every other game I’ve ever played I’ve always been the ranged attacker trying to hit things from as far away as I can possibly be. Perhaps making bows and arrows is in my future.

There’s a lot of possibilities in any case. There’s also two handed weapons that I’ve never tried, there’s axes, and I’m sure there are a few others I’ve forgotten to mention. It’s just a matter of what YOU personally prefer, when it comes to combat in Wurm Online. There’s no real ‘better than’ weapon, it’s based on what you’d rather use and on your combat preferences. That’s something I absolutely love, if I don’t want to use X weapon any more, I’ll just switch to Y for a bit. Sure, I’ll have to work up my skills again in that newly chosen weapon but at least I have the ability to switch. Games that limit this sort of game play are really frustrating.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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