One of the great things about Wurm Online is that not only can you breed animals, they will develop traits when they’re born, based on the traits of their parents. It is quite profitable to sell 5-trait speed horses to other players, as well as combat horses these days. My Fo priest breeds horses for my characters (mostly because she has 42 animal husbandry, which means she can see each trait when she examines an animal) and above is an example of the document I’ve been using in order to keep everything straight.

See, if you inbreed your animals you have a high chance of them developing negative traits, and while a Fo priest CAN remove these negative traits with a genesis cast of theirs, it’s much easier to just not inbreed to begin with. I’ve been keeping track of my horses for quite some time now, and I’ve got a few very nice ones that I’m proud of. Moumix also purchased some speed horses that I’ve been breeding with our regular stock, trying to get specific colours.

There are grey, white, black, brown, and yellow horses in game. A lot of players seem to prefer the black coloured ones, but I actually like the yellow and white ones best. Yellow is by far my rarest colour, something I hope to fix further down the road.

It’s always a really difficult choice when it comes to cutting down on how many horses I have, too. A lot of players would simply kill them because they provide healing cover materials as well as hides, but I prefer to let them go out in the wild for another player to find. Regular wild horses have been rare on Deliverance for a few months now, so the best way to obtain one is usually from another player.

I’ve also been trying my hand at breeding hell horses. These are naturally aggressive horses, but not to Fo priests with 65 faith and 30 favor. They make the perfect ride for those characters. Sadly you also need 30(31?) body control to ride one, so it will be a long time before I’m ever able to. They’re still pretty, and make for fun breeding. I have three named hell horses so far, although none of them have speed traits (yet). I’m hoping I have better luck next round. Hell horse pregnancies seem to always take quite a long time, my average so far has been 9-11 days.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Ah, you know my weakness: spreadsheets! Seriously though, those charts look awesome. Great work on the horse breeding, I hope it goes well :)

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