Across the mountain, construction still continues. The sounds of hammering and building last well into the night, and those passing by have drawn their eyes upwards towards the newly formed castle walls, wondering what could lay beyond them. There are rumors circulating, rumors of expensive lavish belongings being purchased. Flags, and banners of the finest silk, created by Master Tailor Yetian, renown for his work on Deliverance. An order has been placed for a mine door – but not any mine door would suit Lady Arysh, she demanded that this door be made from gold and shipped to the far shores of Deliverance.

It seems that only one type of creature dares venture near the castle walls these days, angry unicorns, who glare from beneath their wild manes, unused to having their land disturbed. All mountain lions, spiders, and wolves have vanished from the hill tops.

As you venture closer, you can make out a ‘pick pick pick’ sound, it echoes constantly, overlapping. You see no one, but a faint glimmer in the rock leads you to believe that someone still toils away. The base of the mountain seems to be changing shape. Flattening. Perhaps a road is in its future? One can only speculate…

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