I’ve never been one to ‘spoil’ games by participating heavily in betas – although don’t get me wrong, I love betas and I do take part in them. I just tend to stick to specific testing grounds instead of ‘completing’ the entire game. For the past few months my inner circle of blogging / twitter / G+ friends have been talking about Guild Wars 2 and I showed very little interest. I always had plans of picking the game up, but I would get distracted with Diablo 3 (briefly) or Wurm Online (constantly) or something else would come up that prevented me from looking very far into the game.

Until this weekend. I could hold back no longer. I pre-ordered the game, which automatically allows access to all of the beta weekends. It was a fast download (for me at least, 3 mb/s) and I was ready to go when servers opened on Friday. The problem initially was that my friends had already picked a server and by the time I logged in ready to create a character – it was full.


I hate the idea of servers. I always have. The main thing any one person wants to do in game and I have said this countless times is be able to play with their friends without limitations. New friends and old friends alike. No matter when someone has started playing the game. In GW this was easy, there are no servers only districts and you simply port to a new one and ta da you’re with your friends. I hear there are ways around this in GW2 with guesting and server transfers, but they’re still just band-aid solutions to the greater issue (imo).

Looking past this – I was incredibly impressed with character creation. My character has a history. A ‘life’. She is not just made up of statistics and dye colours, but has a background. I instantly felt bonded with this beta character, sad by the prospect that hey, it’s beta. Having played a mesmer in GW, that’s what I created for GW2. Then I spent the next hour running around, exploring. I didn’t do anything else. I don’t know how anything works in game. I was enthralled with the spell graphics, and with all of the graphics in general. It runs wonderfully on my machine, and looks amazing. For now, that’s all I need.

I can’t wait for this to go live.

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