My newly created Guild Wars Monk / Warrior is climbing through level 8 (a short jump away from 9 at this moment) and I’m having a blast – I realized one very odd thing. Some how, I had climbed to level 15 in Prophecies on my main (3 year old) character without doing a SINGLE mission or primary quest. In fact I didn’t even know they existed. How on earth I managed to do that, I don’t have the slightest idea. When I started working on Eye of the North quests I was impressed by the cut scenes and story – not realizing that Prophecies has a great story and cut scenes too, I had just some how never managed to stumble into any of them.

This time with some guidance and help from Ninga (a 20 Ranger / Monk) and the Guild Wars wiki, I was able to work my way through the Ascalon missions which were incredibly fun. Each mission has bonus stages that you can do (or not, they’re optional) and you earn a lot of extra experience for completing them. I left off last night by helping Prince Rurik save the city of Rin, and before that rescued soldiers who had been taken prisoner by the Charr. They had been captured for two years (some even longer) and of course it was all left up to me to help fix!

I’m trying not to pass by the story in hunting for my Hall of Monuments achievements, and trying to drink everything in all at once. It can be a bit overwhelming and I’m kicking myself for not doing this or getting more involved in the game years ago. Now it feels a bit like I’m rushing – granted there’s absolutely no reason why I HAVE to earn 30 pts in my GW1 HoM, but it’s something I’d really like to do. I love the way games tie together in this way, and I think it’s great motivation to give players something to do while they’re waiting for GW2 to release.

I’m happy with the 4 pts I’ve earned so far, but every point after that would be nice too. We’ll see how it goes. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

4 thoughts on “How Did I Miss All This?! #GuildWars”
  1. Going all the way to 30 is a pretty long haul, but there are guides out there, like my own, that can steer you down certain paths. If I had to rewrite mine I’d dispense with any talk of gold, but I’m sure it’s still useful to people like yourself. The Easy 30, right under my banner.

  2. Victor, down the line in the PvE story you will get to where you can swap your secondary profession at will, so it is not a significant decision. That having been said, in PvE I am usually running R/Mo. The Monk secondary is used entirely to get a reusable resurrection skill, generally either Rebirth (for wipe recovery) or Renew Life (for the low energy cost, taking advantage of the Ranger primary attribute Expertise). If you are relying on henchmen to fill your party, being able to toss out the occasional prot or heal is nice as well, but those tend to be too expensive for a ranger to do constantly.

  3. I got 6 points before I gave up. I might possibly get a couple more before GW2 launches but I doubt it.

    Playing GW again a few months ago did firm up my decision on what class to play in GW2 though, that was well worth it. Ranger all the way!

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