It took years, and it’s not even the level cap any more, but I finally reached level 50 artificer! The new cap in Vanguard is 55 so this was really just a small milestone and I’m not sure if there’s even anything I can work on or any new quests or gear to help me get to level 55, but I’m still pleased for having made my way there.

On the artificer path this is my mineralogist, I create jewelery, stone weapons and foci, and wooden foci. I also craft house components, most noticeably bricks. The carpentry counter part crafts ships as well as furniture and bows. I have one of each crafter, but it’s been some time since I’ve worked on them to any extent. I am eager to level up my blacksmith next as that character helps provide the rares required to make jewelery, and then my leather worker.

I’ve been having a bit of trouble (as always) trying to figure out how exactly to level my characters to 50-55. Veterans seem to constantly post that the process is ‘easy’ and that leveling is too quick, and that they’re all bored – but I don’t even know what areas I should be in, or what quests I should do, or whether it requires a group 100% of the time or if I can handle things on my own. I suppose I really should dive in a little deeper and find out!

As always if you’d like to find me in game, you can say hello to: Stargrace, Arysh, Faydai, Velours, or Minxes (I also have a baby psionicist  I’d like to level up some time, Ishbel who is level 3 and still on the Isle of Dawn). I’ve also stumbled into a great new(ish) wiki site, the telon project. I’ve volunteered to help out because I find a lot of the Vanguard sites these days are out dated, and it’s important to get information about the game to the public, especially with it going free to play.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “Ding! Level 50 Artificer #Vanguard #VGD”
  1. Congrats!! If you figure out where to level, please make a post about it. I have some crafters, but from a long time ago, so I’m lost when thinking about leveling one of them, so I’m mostly sticking low level toons atm.

  2. Grats! My Leatherworker is still becalmed at 46th as he has been for about four years and probably always will be.

    He also found leveling as a Disciple after 50th attritionally slow. Possibly the slowest leveling rate I have ever seen and I’m including the legendary Everquest level 59 in that. I imagine it goes faster in a group but on the special solo content they put in (in Tahatamini if I remember correctly – somewhere down that end of the map anyway) it was utterly unbearable. I stopped at about 50.15 and never tried to level again.

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