Pictured above, is Falkenstein Castle. I’ve managed to place a few flags (which I’m eventually going to dye, but at the moment I don’t have any access to dye components) and the outer walls are completed. Inside, things are moving along nicely. I’ve got a house started – it’s in an H formation, and is 13 tiles in total. This gives me a very nice 2×3 area for a ‘bedroom’ as well as another 2×3 area for crafting. I don’t need a lot of room as it’s just my Fo priest residing at the castle, so not a lot of crafting is going on.

My animal pens only need a few more tiles of enchanted grass and then those will also be taken care of. I’ve had two foals born, neither came with impressive traits, but it’s a start.

My main goal will be finishing the house, this prevents decay and I’m eager to at least add two beds to the building so that my characters can once more gain sleep bonus. Something I haven’t even seen since I took Arysh to Celebration. Along with the finer details of the deed I’m continuing with construction of a road up – Moumix was kind enough to lend a hand today with some surface mining, and the first three tiles can now be traveled by cart, which is a huge deal. I still have a ways to go, but cutting a road out into the stone is pretty neat.

It’s one of the aspects that appeals to me most about Wurm Online. Sure, it’s great to decorate a house in a video game and I’ve seen some amazing ones done over the years – but to decorate an entire plot of land (within the boundaries of the game of course) and to be able to physically adjust the terrain into a shape that you personally find pleasing, is amazing. To be able to take a mountain and level it (if you so choose) or to create an island in the middle of the ocean and then build a house upon it (or an entire city, if you want) these are things that players crave and are rarely given the opportunity to do.

It come with its own set backs, of course. Not even speaking of hardware limitations, but such sandbox play just leaves griefing right open. For example, there’s a player named ‘Oneangrykid’ who has taken to terrorizing the server of Celebration. He stole two large carts from my neighbours who had them hitched but not locked – if a large cart is on-deed and not locked, players can still ride them away. Keep it in mind and LOCK those carts. My neighbours were online when he took the carts, and they were in fact right close by, but because this player had the ability to take the carts, he did. Players tend to learn very quickly that it is not enough to simply purchase a deed to keep your things secure (even on Freedom servers, which are PvE not PvP) but you must lock every door, and make sure every setting on your deed management page is kept up to date. You have to practically interview your allies since there are deed settings for them, as well. Thankfully, I play with a wonderful group of people, and I’ve only had the barest brushes with griefing in game. I intend on keeping it that way.

Meanwhile, construction on Falkenstein Castle continues. My gold door was delivered, and I installed it. It looks amazing. I have another ‘Mad Lady Arysh’ story to post about that particular event, it should be coming later this week.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

One thought on “Playing Knee-Deep In The Sandbox #WurmOnline”
  1. I’ve been following the pictures you posted on twitter as you build Falkenstein Castle and between those and this post, it really makes me really tempted to play Wurm Online.

    The only thing stopping me from doing that is because I am pretty sure I wouldn’t like the rest of the game, like losing pretty much everything on you if you die, the potential for people to grief if you are not really careful, etc.

    Oh, well. I guess I will just continue enjoying your writings about the game. :)

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