The learning never stops – today I finally figured out that each map icon that is a shield is actually a mission hub, and if you complete it your shield gains a sword icon – if you complete the mission and the bonus, the shield icon has two swords crossed. An easy reference to figure out what I’ve completed and what I’ve not. Unsurprisingly my previous character has many of these shields revealed on the map, but absolutely none completed. The monk / warrior combination is doing far better. There’s only one mission where I didn’t complete the bonus, although I wish I had (it’s a LOT of experience).

I’m now level 10, and the story has taken me into Grooble’s Gulch, where I’m seeking shelter for the Ascalon refugees (being lead by Prince Rurik still). In the mission previous Prince Rurik sort of went crazy running around and it was really difficult for me to keep up with him. Thankfully he seemed to handle himself just fine (while I lay there dead waiting for Ninga to rez me) and we still completed the mission. I’m having a bit of difficulty with the camera angels, it’s really annoying to keep it centered on my character, but the longer I play the more I get used to it.

I’ve also discovered the joys of identifying gear (and weapons). I’ve broken down a few really nice pieces where you’re able to strip the enchantments from them and use those on other pieces. Then you can eventually strip down the weapon itself and use the base components to craft better gear later on. I had gotten salvage items before, but nothing magical or impressive, so you can imagine my squeals of delight as I was able to remove + dmg from a hammer and apply it to the weapon I was currently using.

Now that I’ve reached level 10 I can begin (once more) working on Eye of the North tapestry collections, although I know this will throw the story out of order it’s still my main ‘goal’ and my primary reason for playing through the game right now.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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