One thing I’ve always loved about Vanguard is the ‘if you see it in the distance, you can reach it’ part of the game. I’ve written about it before, and it still holds true to this day.

Now, yesterday was a typical day in-game, except that channels were filled with a lot of upset players. See, to start things off starter villages were condensed. Anyone who was a part of EQ2 when those starter villages were removed understands that to players this is a pretty big deal. Removing content is almost never looked at favorably.

On top of that, many spells were removed (rank 1) so that players have less spells to ‘deal’ with below level 20. A lot of people logged in wondering where their rank 1 X spell had gone, and visiting their vendors showed only rank 2 available. I have two spells on my blood mage that are now missing, although since I’m level 47 it makes little difference.

It meant for most of the night I left my global channels off, because I already deal with complaints all day long and the last thing I wanted to do was deal with more while I’m trying to relax and play a video game (that I quite enjoy, changes and all). I’ve always been the sort of player to ‘roll with the changes’ until I no longer wish to, and then I just quit playing (ie: EQ2). Playing a game that makes me unhappy is pointless, there are countless other games out there that if I’m not happy in one I can move to another.

Anyhow. My artificer managed to finish the genesis quest line, and inch her way to level 51 almost 52 (in crafting, not adventuring). This was a huge achievement for me, I’m closer to the level cap than I’ve ever been, as long as they don’t decide to raise that cap any time soon I should be able to actually hit 55! Sure, it’s not adventuring, but crafting in Vanguard is still a complex process that takes a lot of time.

Next, it will be time to work up my other two crafters so that I have at least one of each (Outfitter, Artificer, Blacksmith). As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

One thought on “Things are Changing #VGD #Vanguard #VGSOH”
  1. I pretty much left Runes of Magic for the same reason. I actually didn’t “leave”, but I don’t really play the game. If I log in at all, I usually piddle around with video recording and mainly surrounding user-generated ideas. So, basically I spend any current “play” time just changing my costumes. :P

    But It didn’t bother me much. It was “Yeah, was an awesome ride, but the game’s not what I fell in love with, it’s too different now. I guess I’m done.”/shrug

    See you in Telon.

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