I spent most of my time this weekend on the Isle of Dawn in Vanguard, trying to reach 10/10/10 before leaving. So far I’ve reached 10 adventuring, and 10 diplomacy, now all that’s left is 10 crafting and then I can leave and explore the rest of Telon. Getting this far has taken approx. 15 hours so far, which is quite long considering I know the Isle of Dawn very well (this isn’t the first time I’ve passed through).

The psionicist is a great class and one I’ve enjoyed playing no matter what game I happen to be in. When players were able to buy and sell characters I actually purchased a level 50 psionicist, and then sold it for a profit. I wish now that I had of kept the character, but I suppose it’s probably better to level up one of my own.

The shaman I’ve been leveling up with Hampooj reached level 39 before the weekend began. Only a short hop jump and skip away until we’re both level 40, and then maybe one day, 55. Figuring out where to adventure has been an adventure all in itself. We’ve spent the past two levels at Dragon’s Backbone, which is a quest area I’ve never been to before. I love that there are still places on Telon I’ve never been to, after playing since beta. Most of the quests rewarded coin and not gear which is becoming a bit of an issue, but so far we’re managing.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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