Yesterday and today were glorious days for me in EVE Online, and I’m learning a bit more about the language of the game and how to operate. I managed to bring my Helios to the wurmhole my corp is set up in without dying, that was step one. Wurmholes are awesome, and scary, and awesome. I’ve been in a few on my own and you have to remember some pretty important things. First of all, bookmark, bookmark, bookmark. Also checking to see when a wurmhole is about to collapse is pretty important. In fact the more information you can learn about the wurmhole the better.

So I made it in one piece, and started getting myself familiar with it. The helios is a perfect little ship for this type of operation. I’ve actually never seen a POS before, and had no idea how they worked. For example, I learned you don’t actually dock at them like you do regular stations. You log out within the shield and a minute later you’ll leave the world. Interesting.

This morning came my new challenge, finding the way out. Preferably to some place that wasn’t going to eat me when I left. Probing is getting much easier the more familiar I get with it, and inside of an hour I had located an exit that lead to highsec (you can right click on a wurmhole and get information from it, it will tell you in vague terms whether the hole leads to highsec or some place dangerous and unknown). Found my way out, and back to my ‘home’ in highsec without any issues.

For those who are familiar and comfortable constantly living on the edge in EVE Online, it’s probably not that big of a deal but for me personally, it was an amazing accomplishment and I was quite proud of myself. Next I’ll be trying to bring some POS bits over to the corp for them to use, in specific all those consumer electronics I’ve been producing in my PI routine which are then used in robotics. I went and read through the huge wiki on POS to try to learn exactly what goes into one and how much work they are, confusing, but I’m grasping it.

So far I’ve still not reached out into the pvp side of living in a WH, but I’ll get there. I still prefer invention / manufacturing / PI to the sound of lasers across the sky, and I doubt I’ll ever really be the bloodthirsty sort, but one never knows!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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