First, my apologies for a lack of posts, but my Nana is in the hospital on life support so I haven’t really been in the right frame of mind to post anything here. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been gaming, I have, it’s a great way of relieving some stress and occupy my mind for a bit.

I thought while I waited for GW2 to release I’d be playing nothing but GW1 – but that hasn’t been the case. When Blizzard announced the release date of MoP (September!) I started excitedly playing again. The first week ‘back’ (I say that in quotes because I never really left, having been subbed for the last year) has been eventful. My priest (who I consider my main) managed to pick up a lot of gear in her LFRaid groups, winning both the main hand weapon (healer) and off hand, as well as shoulders, helm, and gloves which I already have in my holy set so I added to my dps spec.

Of course when I ran my warlock and shaman through those same raids they ended up with nothing but the valor points you’re guaranteed for the win, for some reason my priest has always had fantastic luck and the other characters I have not so much.

I mostly just ignore raid chat these days, it’s typically one person moaning about a random other person in raid and what they’ve done to offend them, or moaning that their main could do this raid solo and why do we all suck and how we should vote out half the raid because they’re horrible. When I first doing raids in the raid finder these comments bugged me, my under geared warlock was even voted out once but as time goes on I’ve developed selective reading and pretty much ignore anything said that isn’t mechanic related.

My paladin also managed to inch her way closer to 85, I’ve been 81 for a really long time and just couldn’t find the motivation to push to the end. She’s now happily sitting at 84, and I even healed my first dungeon with her. I’ve spec’d the character as holy / protection, and have been having a lot of fun.

Aside from that, I’ve still got smaller characters that are a blast to play. I’m looking forward to mounts and pets being account wide, and I’m excited to see if perhaps today’s downtime is for the patch that’s on test. We’ll just have to see. In the mean time, it’s really nice having a very simple easy game to play when I only have a short amount of time and need to unwind my brain. I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and happy gaming no matter where you find yourself.

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