I got this indie game as a gift a while back and just hadn’t found the time to write about it, but with a newly formatted PC I decided to re-download a few games from my steam library, and my interest in this game sparked once more. Don’t let the fact that it’s black and white fool you, this game is deceptively awesome, and spooky and all those other wonderful things that make games fun.

The controls are sweet and simple, arrow keys and control – or if you prefer, an xbox controller. My hands tend to get tired playing via keyboard because I’m left handed and the controls use the arrow keys on the right hand side. Personally, I’m looking forward to giving it a try with a controller. You play a little boy who is out looking for his sister, as the brief steam description says “Uncertain of his sister’s fate, a boy enters LIMBO…”

Be warned, this may not be the type of game you want to play by yourself at (checks clock) 2am. Especially with the sounds on. The game is creepy and I found myself (more than once) jumping out of my chair or choking back a yelp. The basic ‘mission’ of this game is to solve multiple puzzles as you move through it, advancing further and further. Right now my little Jimmy (yes, I’ve named him) is trapped in a cocoon with a giant spider chasing him. You’re faced with the challenge of not only solving the puzzles to progress, but implementing them. This is even more dire for people like me who are (for lack of better word) not good at mario jumping games. Don’t fret though, once you’ve solved the puzzle it’s well worth each attempt just to see what Jimmy may be faced with next.

If you enjoy puzzle games and don’t mind the spooky scary side of things (or just outright weird) I highly recommend you give LIMBO a try. You can find it on steam or their web site and it’s available for PC, XBox and PS3.

One thought on “Finding Myself in LIMBO #Indie”
  1. I liked Limbo and I especially liked the whole art design and the atmosphere it produces.
    But I thought that it became a bit too unforgiving towards the end, which kinda damaged the dreamy (or nightmarish) mood of the game. I like to solve puzzles and Limbo offers some very nice ones. But I don’t really like to perform very very precise jumps with very exact timing.
    But all in all it is a special game.

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