Ah, Kingsmouth, home of.. well, these days many zombies. Dead people, screaming people, loud sirens, and zombies. So many zombies.

That’s right, I’ve found myself smack dab in Funcom’s The Secret World. Completely unintentionally, as I really didn’t have any huge interest to play this game when it released – strictly because of the genre. I’m really not a fan of anything spooky or scary, or anything that will give me nightmares or involves masses of screaming people. Or blood. I definitely don’t like blood. So how was it that I found myself right in the middle of all of those exact things?

Well. First I blame my incredible friends on twitter and G+. I’ve been following their tweets, blog posts, and comments about this game since before it came out. I managed to hold off on the hype pretty well, talking myself out of the purchase because it “just wasn’t for me”. Then I found out there was a trial, except at the time I believe it was only 24h and I wasn’t interested in trying to cram in as much gaming as I could in that little time. So once again I passed it up. The celebration weekend came and went and I was unable to download the game due to being at the far end of my internet cap for the month – shew, once more, I was saved.

Then I was told that the trial was three days long. Not only that but if I completed 30 missions in those three days, I’d be given two extra days and a few other bonuses. Really? Hmm. I wavered. I found my fingers tracing the download button and before I knew it I was watching the 4mb/s download whiz by and watching the introduction videos to the three factions.

I decided to go with Templar for my first character, which I know is a pretty popular choice. I created on Arcadia (I think?) and was instantly swept up in the story. I actually love the fact that my character doesn’t speak despite the fact that everyone else in the world I interact with does. Number one, I want my characters to sound how they sound in my head. Number two, I don’t want to have to think about why my character XYZ sounds exactly like my other character ZYX. Or that character over there, YZX. I have a great imagination and I can fill in the blanks just fine, thanks.

Maybe it’s because I’ve played such a wide variety of games before, but I had very little trouble picking up on the ‘basics’ as far as game play goes. Except for the fact that the screen shot button is F11 and not print screen. Must also remember to re-name my screen shot folder every so often as it will only save up to 1,000 images (thanks again twitter friends). I immediately chose blood magic, and paired it with fist weapons. I’m playing a healer, in other words. I’ve teamed up with ‘Ogur’ who has a ‘tank’ spec, as much as one can spec anything in this game at least.

Crafting is neat, almost exactly like crafting in minecraft. You lay out images of what you want to make in a little panel of squares and press a button. You need kits to craft + supplies, and the quality level of items must match up. QL is basically how you ‘level’ in TSW, since there are no traditional levels. You just earn points to increase your ability to use better gear and better weapons (and unlock better spells, of course).

The game is by far one of the most beautiful I’ve ever played before, whether I am interested in the genre or not. It looks amazing. In fact I’ve already taken over 100 screen shots in the hours I played today. Exploration is exciting and I really have no complaints at all EXCEPT that the genre is not one that I’m especially fond of. We’ll see how much I can over look that in the next few days of the trial.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Kingsmouth #TSW #TheSecretWorld”
  1. Heh, I didn’t know about the limit either. Should check it as well. It is also maybe worth noticed that if you delete one of the screenshots, the name is made free and is used next time, making the collection going out of order. Not sure if it is a standard feature in other games but I find it a bit inconvenient.

    Concerning the visual part, I agree fully. I especially appreciate the more realistic approach in the art direction. I think it is one of Funcom’s trademarks. It was same in the AoC, only there it fell a bit more bland.

  2. Oh thanks for the 1000 images limit tip. I didn’t know that and I must be getting close. I completely agree that it’s a gorgeous game visually and especially in art design. Many, many locations richly reward deep study. The level of detail is astonishing.

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