I know, I know. It’s been almost a WEEK since I’ve written anything! Does that mean I haven’t been gaming? Nope, of course not! I just have not been in the mood to write about my gaming sessions, and so I took a little mini vacation / holiday from updating MmoQuests. As always I am back, and with stories to tell.

My priest has been slowly gaining gear (and ilevels) in order to participate in the LFRaid encounters that are going live tomorrow (Tuesday, October 9th as I write this). Right now I’m sitting at ilevel 465, and you need 460 to be able to queue. Getting there was quite easy. Heroic mode gear is (mostly) ilevel 463, although WHY on earth a heroic dungeon that requires ilevel 450 to enter it gives quests that only reward ilevel 440, I have no idea. I suppose it helps balance out some of your old gear, but honestly the quests should be rewarding gear equal to the zone.


Combine those dungeons with some player-crafted bits (a robe, gloves, and off-hand that I crafted myself) as well as the trinket from Brewfest and archaeology, and I was set.

While I’m talking about it, let me mention how much I SEVERELY dislike having a cap of 1,000 valor a week with a hard cap of 3,000 valor. I also dislike how dungeons have been set back to the ‘old’ way – which is to say you get 60 valor the first time you do a dungeon for that day, and then 30 valor every run after. It used to be 60 valor the first 7 times (ie: a week) and then 30 after that. So people who couldn’t log in every day but could spend one day a week playing could get all of their valor and not have to worry about missing a day.

Not only does valor have these limits, but in order to purchase valor gear you’re going to need faction. That means doing daily quests, and each day you don’t log in and do the 2912392328 dailies that are waiting for you is one day further away from your gear you are. I’ve been working on faction with the Tillers, Anglers, and Golden Lotus – the others can wait.

I played a monk for a bit, but nothing heavy. I think she’s sitting at level 17 now. The guild managed to earn 600 in every craft and that unlocked heirloom pants for our members (all 4 of us). I was quite pleased, even if I am broke now because most of the crafts were ones that I handle on my alts. Worth it? Yes, it sure was. I love those heirloom pieces.

Speaking of the guild, we’ve managed to some how climb our way to level 15, and part way through. I couldn’t be more pleased. I know that experience comes MUCH faster since some nerfs, but for the past year or so I had zero hopes of us ever reaching beyond level 5 (which we sat at for a good year). It’s nice to know that with the change, smaller guilds are able to provide at least some of the perks (the others that come from guild raids etc are still well beyond our grasp).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! Also a happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canucks, I hope your turkey is as delicious as mine was!

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