Malchor’s Leap. The broken zone that caused the completionist in me to scream in pain every time I thought about Guild Wars 2. See, there was this single skillpoint that I just couldn’t get. Actually, very few people could. The NPC would move slightly each time you defeated it (it’s not really an NPC so much as it is a bow laying on the ground) and after a time or two it would vanish completely into the geometry of the zone. There it would stay, stuck, until the server restarted and it would rest in the proper place. I tried to log in right after a server restart in order to get this final skill point I needed for zone completion, but alas, it eluded me. For weeks.

I found it hard to move on to the Cursed Shore, a level 80 zone right next door and next on my list of ‘places to be’ for my story quests. I kept being lured back to Malchor’s Leap. Finally, this week the glitch was fixed, and I was able to log in and complete the zone. My little Asura is pictured above, cheering.

I understand that games have bugs and glitches and things go wrong but this one was a personal annoyance because it stood in the way of not only a large reward, but finishing something I really wanted to complete so I could (in my mind) move on. I’m glad I was finally able to.

More people are reaching 80 and I’m curious about how they’re spending their time. Completing the map? Playing alts? Crafting? PvP? There’s always lots to do, but which is your preference? I admit, since MOP came out (has it only been two weeks?) GW2 has become a less frequent visit for me – but I knew that it would since I’m comforted by the fact that I’m not ‘wasting’ money monthly if I don’t log in. Even if I were to never log in again, I’ve gotten more than my $60 worth out of the game so far (don’t worry, I’ll be logging in plenty, I’m a nomadic gamer remember).

I’m still not certain if I want to play an alt. I’ve been trying to harvest supplies for other crafters but I’ve found that if your character is above the level range of items you need to salvage (ie: leather and cloth in specific) it’s better to play an alt so they’re getting the actual items you need. Having looted gear scale to the players level is both a blessing and a curse, depending.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “It’s Fixed, It’s Really Fixed! #GW2 #GuildWars2”
  1. I have eight characters on two accounts now. One’s been 80 for weeks, the next highest dinged 38 last night, the third is 18th, the rest just hitting double figures. My plan, such as it is, was always to have all eight classes at 80. Going to take a while. Years, probably. The payment model makes it a great long term project that I can keep coming back to between other MMOs, although so far I feel no burning desire to play any other MMOs.

    On map completion, my level 80 was at 47% when he dinged 80 and he’s at 47% now. I don’t believe I have a single completionist bone in my body and the idea of feeling uncomfortable because I have finished anything simply never would enter my mind. Broken skill points, however, do annoy me. They must be working on that because as well as the one you mention the one in Plains of Ashfield, probably the first skill point a Charr finds, which has been broken for weeks, is now fixed.

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