My apologies for the lack luster screen shot this morning, but I actually forgot to take a better one, so this was all I had in my folder, hehe.

I have been playing EverQuest off and on for some time now, and last night I decided to make some pretty big changes. Well, big for me in any case. The first thing I did was – apply to a guild. That’s right, even though I’ve been in a personal guild for years now I decided that if I really wanted to get back into EverQuest good and proper, the first thing I should do is find others to play with, or at least others to talk to. I checked out the guild lobby and noticed a few family guilds recruiting, and I also submitted an application to the boards. It wasn’t long before I found myself speaking to a member from Pak’Cafan, and before I knew it I had applied.

Once that step was taken care of, I headed out to a group in a zone I had never been in before. It was fun, but the experience was lack luster because we barely killed anything and spent more time debating how to pull a named than anything else. This may annoy some people, but I was quite happy. It reminded me of how EverQuest is played. You spend a lot of time talking and getting to know your group mates. When you are LFG again you tend to remember who you were with previously because of this. People are not just randoms who have joined your group for a few minutes, but folks that you’ve had discussions with, and shared many wipes with. Well, hopefully not too many wipes.

Anyhow, the group was fun and I had a good time getting back into the swing of things. I spent the remainder of my evening in Halas, harvesting mushrooms so that I can continue working up my brewing (286 and counting). There was one time during the evening where I was discouraged because my enchanter was having a very difficult time in Veil of Alaris trying to charm solo. My charm only works up to level 89, even though I am level 90. Most of the encounters in the beginner zones are also higher than 90. In the end I decided to stay determined. There’s a LOT to do in EverQuest and just because I’m not quite ready to run out and start soloing the current expansion (until Rain of Fear goes live next month) doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for me to do anything. House of Thule is still a great expansion to play in, and even the expansion before that. There are shrouds that I can use to do older content and SOE added a ‘heroes journey’ which grants achievements for completing zones like Crescent Reach and other 1-85 zones. I haven’t done any of that yet, especially not on my ancient enchanter (CR came out well after I created my enchanter) so there’s a lot to explore.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! If you happen to pop back into EverQuest you can find me as Kameeko on the Drinal server. Be sure to say hello!

One thought on “Joining a Guild and Other Goodies #EQ #EverQuest”
  1. Pak’Cafan, now there is a name I have not heard in ages. I used to be in Sanctus Arcanum which was one of Pak’Cafan’s raiding rivals back in the day.

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