I love in-game holiday events, so when friends in Combat Wombat started talking about the Guild Wars 2 Halloween events, I decided I should log in and peek around. Aside from the horrible mad clock tower (great design, but I just can’t complete it no matter how hard I try) I had a fun time, and right now I’m waiting in Lion’s Arch for the final event that is supposed to happen in 2 hours or so. I’m hoping the servers stay alive, and the lag isn’t too bad, and that the event goes off without a hitch. We’ll see how that turns out.

I really enjoyed the scavenger hunt, and the item I got from it was actually an upgrade. I spent a lot of time playing as a villager or lunatic in one of the events too, and that was great. I had less fun in the pvp rumble type zone, but it could be just because I wasn’t on a winning team. Losing over and over is no fun for anyone. The labyrinth was also great fun, and I spent a few hours  gathering trick-or-treat bags and candy corn for achievements. I’m only missing the clockwork tower one now, and any that have yet to release. I gave up on the tower after an hour of bouncing up and around charr and norn getting stuck on every little nook and cranny that I couldn’t even see.

I did try to obtain the mad king chests to get appearance gear, and I did spend 900 gems unlocking my saved up Lion’s chests to try to get items to trade in for those mad king chests. I didn’t get anything useful, and I didn’t get any of the halloween appearance gear even after doing combines in the mythical forge 10x. After that I gave up.

Anyone else have any luck? Let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

2 thoughts on “Halloween in Guild Wars 2 #GW2”
  1. I did get the Chainsaw Sword Skin from a mad King chest, and I only opened two. So hilariously I decided to blow the gems I had left on a few more keys and got… sod all. That’ll teach me!

    I didn’t keep the sword skin, as I don’t really use a one-hander much, and I need some gold, I am am ingame pauper.

  2. I haven’t done any combinations in Mystic Forge, because I was too lazy to look them up, likewise opening Black Lion chests. But, I did a bit of everything else and finished my first ever set of monthlies this morning with some WvW. Was pretty cool. Going to bake some bread and head upstairs to wait for this event thingy.

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