The Isle of Dawn is great, and I typically suggest that new players start off there to get familiar with the game of Vanguard – however, if you’re an older player (like myself) and have characters already situated in Telon, chances are you’ve looked in envy at the other characters you have who snagged themselves a very nice charm bracelet with some essential stats that are good at any level.

No longer!

Today I decided to work on this bracelet with my 50 Raki disciple, Stargrace. Since the starter villages have been reduced, Raki now start on the Kojan continent, in the village of Shang. I swam there to begin my adventures, but really you’re looking for Celinal in Dallerjuba Village. Remember you can right click an empty hotbar slot and make a text only macro to /target Dallerjuba if you can’t find her yourself. This is the little bit of land that’s directly across the water from Tanvu. You’ll want her quest called Redemption. You’ll get the very first charm; the Dawn charm.

Then you’ll want to go visit Master Kaol. He’s a bit east-north-east of Celinal. The quest he offers is The Final Steps. Finishing that will give you the sun charm.

Third you’ll go visit your good friend Oki. Also located in the Dallerjuba village along the beach. She’ll give you the quest Oki’s Jewels, and you’ll get the dusk charm. It’s the third charm and now all you need is the webbing.

So finally you’ll head south past Tanvu, past Master Garu’s Monestary which should be marked on your map, and you’ll come across a little lake with a pond and you’re looking for Ashlaine. Again you can use a macro key to find her if you can’t spot her. When you accept her quest you’ll be able to talk to Kalen, who will give you a number of quests but the one you want is called Ring of Vision. Finish off that quest, turn it in, and you’ll have the web. Right click the web, and you’ll have the bracelet (so long as you have all of the other charms). This item goes in the diplomacy slot, and every 10 levels you can right click it and upgrade it.

I HIGHLY suggest people who have not completed the isle of dawn do this quest. It gives you an experience boost, and is one of those really nice items that you’re going to want to have.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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