This weekend I spent most of my game time playing The Sims 3 – and I didn’t really mean to but it was a lot of fun. When I was looking at expansions I noticed Supernatural but wasn’t really keen on picking it up, it didn’t seem to interest me. However while out at EBGames I thought what the heck, and came home and bought it on Origin. Most of my EA Games are on there simply because it’s nice to be able to download them again without worrying about the disks. Anyhow.

I installed Supernatural and right away decided I would start a new family. You have a choice of new races, you can create as a human, witch, zombie, werewolf, fairy, or ghost. I created a fairy, you get wings. You also have ‘mana’ to cast spells. You can learn new things like alchemy; if you’re a witch you get a wand and ride a broom (or a vacuum if you rather). Before I knew it three am had passed and I was still playing. The expansion is actually a LOT of fun, and I’m really glad I picked it up. There’s a new lunar cycle and when the moon is full magic is high. Werewolves transform from their human forms and zombies come and meander around your yard, eating your garden (which I was none to pleased about, took me forever to clean up their dead plants). There are new jobs and professions along with the expansion, my fairy decided to become a fortune teller, and she worked out of a gypsy wagon in the woods.

I’ve set up my Sims 3 profile page, I noticed you can send gifts to friends, so if you’re looking for someone to add to friends please feel free. You can find the profile here: Stargrace.

Seasons comes out soon. I think in a day or two. It astounds me just how many Sims 3 expansions there are this year. Not even three months since Supernatural released. It’s hard to keep up with them all and there are still a few I’m missing as well as stuff packs. I didn’t bother getting Showtime, or Sweet Treats, and Diesel Stuff. Fast Lane was another stuffs pack that hasn’t grabbed my attention, my sims rarely ever purchase vehicles. Seasons is going to add yet another dimension to the game with weather patterns and holidays. I haven’t decided if I am going to get it yet, mostly because there’s an EQ1 and EQ2 expansion releasing this month and Christmas just around the corner. In an ideal world I’d get it though. We’ll just have to see!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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