Despite the fact that a lot of my posts talk about me creating my deed in Wurm Online – that’s actually my least favorite thing to do. I would prefer to purchase a full deed already built, which is what I did when I first obtained Thorin’s Bay. There was very little work that needed to be done. Since this time I was starting over completely from scratch (literally, no tools or armor or anything until Yetian donated some) I had no choice but to build Mystic Cove from the ground up. Now that the village is up and running I’m enjoying myself 100x more than I was before, which is a huge amount since I was enjoying myself while building the village too. That’s just how smitten I am with Wurm Online. Anyhow.

What else is there to do if you’re not working on your deed? Well. There’s a LOT of things. Some of my favorite things to do include alchemy (making healing covers, and dye), animal husbandry (taking care of animals, grooming them, breeding them), working on a skill like weaponsmithing, leather working, chain armor, or cloth. Creating bows, or arrows. Exploring and pillaging old lands that have since been abandoned. Building ships. Working on hot food cooking – and under that same category, making wine. Farming. Fishing. Working on my meditation skill.  That doesn’t even include the ‘basic’ skills that people tend to work on (especially to sell in bulk) like mining, making bricks, digging, making planks, etc.

There’s always a LOT to do in Wurm, and it really depends on what you enjoy doing. If you don’t enjoy building your own village then don’t do it! That’s the fastest way to get annoyed at the game. Later this week I’ll be posting a few “what the tutorial doesn’t tell you” posts, so look for those in a few days time.

Meanwhile, I’ll be working my weaponsmithing. Slow. That’s the word that best describes this skill, lol. It’s perfect to do while multi tasking though and watching shows on Netflix or writing a blog post and working on NaNoWriMo.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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