wurm.20130107.1030I’ve been having a lot of fun on my ‘escape’ character over on the Pristine server. The deed is pretty much formed (although yesterday I ripped up a bunch of it to create a new farm) and I’ve been working away on my first boat.

Making a boat is a monumental task for a new player, not only does it require a lot of pieces but the skills needed to attach those pieces to the boat can be a pain.

Above is the total required pieces – and don’t forget that in order to properly secure your boat you’re going to need both a lock and a mooring anchor. Boats can be salvaged by other players if you’re missing one or both of these items. Without a lock your boat can be driven by other players. Without a mooring anchor your boat can be dragged away by other players (unless it’s on your deed, then players are unable to drag it).

So far I’m working on the locks and I have all of the components made. Most of them attached. I’ve got 50 tenons and 50 hull planks left to attach, and I have an anchor waiting for me in the mail to turn into a mooring anchor.

Owning a boat will be a huge bonus to me on Pristine, especially since pretty much all of the land around my deed is mountains. It will allow me to go collect clay and bring it back to my deed in what I hope is a painless manor. There’s tar close by to my deed but there’s no clay within sight and that’s a problem. I need 500 for a guard tower I’m creating, and I also want to build a second (or even third) forge, one in my mine and one for cooling things off. Not to mention one day I may want stone houses, and I’ll need clay for mortar.

I’m also creating a small tree farm on my deed so that when I continue to build boats I have a choice of wood to use. I have all tree types so far except lemon, and being able to sail around looking for lemon trees will make that job a lot easier.

I’m excited about my first boat trip, hopefully it goes well. First, I need to make this dang key and attach the rest of those parts.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


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