My deed on Pristine is really coming along. I’ve got a tannery, a smithy, my house, a kitchen, and I’ve gained some really helpful abilities, like 21 body strength which means I can bash down useless walls. The wooden fence that used to be at the front of the property is removed, and in its place I’m planning a shipyard. My hours in-game lately have been spent working on my guard tower. To build it requires 100 planks, 500 bricks, and 500 clay. I spent the first day digging up 500 clay and placing it into backpacks in my row boat. See, the cargo hold of a row boat is tiny and items only stack in piles of 100. So instead of filling my boat with 100 clay, I filled my boat with 10 backpacks, and then filled each backpack with 75 clay. Needless to say I shouldn’t need any clay for a while. Or at least until I decide to convert all of my wooden buildings to stone. I haven’t done that yet because you need 30 masonry to create stone houses, and so far I’m only at 28 (and most of that is because of working on the guard tower).

There’s a lot of debate going on in the forums about Spirit Templars, basically what it comes down to is that players can spend an extra 1s a month per guard, and these guards will kill anything aggressive that wanders through your deed (or attempt to kill, they are not immune to damage). Some people are upset at this because it can essentially make your deed a ‘meat farm’ where you don’t have to do any work but get all of this wonderful meat “for free”. Others are upset because players crossing your deed are able to butcher the dead animals with their low quality tools, and are not able to take the meat. So if you’re looking to raise your own butchering skill, they’ve ruined that for you.

Personally speaking, I don’t really care if someone hires a spirit templar or two and then butchers their own meat. I don’t butcher on someone else’ deed, it’s just impolite. I also don’t have my own spirit templar. I’ve never been a fan of these ghost guards, and I find the extra 2s to hire them + 1s a month not worth their value. That’s why I’m building a guard tower. In the end it’s your own personal choice, and what someone else does with their deed or how they handle their deed has very little impact on my play style.

[11:26:49] You see a guard tower under construction. Ql: 2.9443426, Dam: 0.0. The guard tower needs 389 clay, and 397 stone brick, and 100 plank to be finished.

I’ll get there. Eventually.

One thought on “To Spirit Templar or Not #WurmOnline”
  1. The joys of solo building a guard tower… I made one once, and swore I’d never do it agai. Guess what, I did :P I save the clay until last because it’s easiest, you can combine it in to one lump and keep adding it to the building rather than having to activate each individual piece as you do with bricks and planks.

    As far as templars go… I only have one to discourage trolls from bahsing the walls of my deed. If you don’t really get trolls in your area, then you should be fine without. Especially once you have your tower up. Just remember that if you keep aggros on your deed, andyone walking past and able to target them will be able to call the tower guards to kill them.

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