Screenshot-32Today another ‘stuff’ pack came out for The Sims 3, this time representing the 70-80-90’s.  I normally stay away from those mini expansions, they rarely offer me anything I actually want unless they are discounted heavily.

My sims family has been doing well. The twin girls are still away at school, the dogs are barking at everything under the sun (and moon) and peeing all over the floor. I’ve been trying to reinforce NOT doing that (you can scold them) but so far neither dog seems to want to give up the “piggy” trait.

It’s winter time now, which means a lot of snowball fights, snowmen, and playing in the snow. I haven’t ventured down to the festival yet, but I will. I also haven’t used the cheat to get more money for my family, although I’d really like to because their house is quite tiny.  As soon as I sent the girls away to school I converted their bedroom into an office. If they come home any time soon they’ll have to sleep on the couch, or in the shower or something.

I also noticed that if my sim uses the computer there’s an “online dating” section. I haven’t tried it yet, but you can add your profile, read other peoples profiles, and edit your profile. Each time I play the game I seem to stumble into something that I didn’t realize was there.

A bunch of my friends had started to play, and I was looking forward to reading a bunch of sims 3 stories, but so far there have been relatively few (yes, this is a nudge, get writing). My sim ended up casting a fire spell on a paparazzi who was hanging around outside the house, and they turned into a giant ball of flame and then a blackened ball of  ash. It was amusing to say the least. It’s always an exciting time in the household because the female character is a witch, and the male is a werewolf. The twin girls are also supernaturals. Each time a full moon comes around the male sim starts howling and turns into a bristling creature. The dogs of the house (Otis and Taylor) both freak out, probably wondering what that weird smell is.

Still, when I’m feeling anti social and don’t relish the idea of playing an MMO, The Sims 3 is my go-to game. It’s hilarious, comfortable, and barely takes any attention since I can just put everyone on high choice and let them do their thing.

What’s one of your favorite aspects of The Sims 3? Let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

4 thoughts on “Singing, Snow, and.. Dog Pee. #TS3 #TheSims3”
  1. I know I can turn them off (now — didn’t use to be able to back when the vampires were first introduced), but I would prefer to have them enabled and have them be rare, so that I have a chance of meeting a werewolf but not everyone and their mother is some kind of supernatural creature.

    I like the NRaas mods. They have stuff which should have been in the core game (demographic controls, autosave), useful stuff like being able to slow down the passage of time (more time for socializing without having to skip work!), and a nice story progression mod which makes the world seem more alive.

  2. In options you can just toggle all the supernatural sims off and just have “regular” sims.

    I have a maid to take care of the house chores, I don’t play with any mods at all. There are already cheats for the game for money (if I wanted to give my family any extra) and things like that, I haven’t had a need for anything more.

  3. I think I’m doing The Sims 3 wrong. My default approach is to make a household consisting of a single guy and his pet and set out to explore the world, but TS3 really wants me to be playing a family rather than an individual character. There isn’t enough time in a sim-day for a single character to have a career and keep up with household maintenance and have any time left over to do any actual exploring. And there’s a lot of rather boring downtime when my sim goes off to his job.

    Are you playing the vanilla game or do you have mods installed? I don’t like how the vanilla game floods the world with supernatural sims, so that it become a rare event to meet a normal human, but fortunately there are NRaas Industries mods ( which give me finer control over demographics.

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