ScreenShot_00364Level 40. My shaman switched from bird to bear, and it’s been going pretty well. I’m thinking once my partner in crime (Hampooj, level 40 death knight) reaches level 45 I may switch back over to my blood mage. The shaman is a fun class but it’s not really my *favorite* class, they have a combination of spell and melee and you can choose to buff particular aspects. They seem more of a ‘jack of all trades’ healer. My blood mage on the other hand is a pure spell caster (cloth wearing to boot) and also my highest level crafter. Thus I have a bit more attachment to her.

I started out adventuring in Qalia but the sand there is just so bright, it hurts my eyes. So we moved back to Thestra and off to the northern part of the map to deal with skeletons and undead. While I was struggling to find quests to complete from 35-39, 40 seems to be one of those magical levels where a lot of content opens up. It should (hopefully) bring me fairly close to 50 – although like I mentioned above by then I may switch back over to my blood mage. Then there’s also my disciple who has been sitting at 50 for quite some time now (I haven’t leveled anyone to the cap of 55).

I noticed the store has gotten a few more items in it as of late, but I’ve been pretty good about not spending all of my station cash. I’ve saved up quite a bit from the last triple station cash day, although I did purchase a mount for my level 50 character – I noticed there’s also one for level 40. I’m debating picking that up for my shaman, it’s just not really a colour that I enjoy and if I’m going to spend station cash on something I want to make sure it’s something I’ll use. The mount in question is a giant flying dragon / lizard type creature, and a shade of green that I don’t particularly care for. Still, flying around Telon is an amazing action all in its own. I really enjoy being able to explore out of reach areas that way.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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