Dranik Scar came out with Omens of War, and it’s one of my favorite expansions. For some reason I thought that the zone was higher level than it is, my beastlord headed there at 40 because it’s the hotzone. A few rats and bats later, as well as a noc or two, and both beastlord and shadowknight are sitting at a very comfortable level 45. We’re almost ready to start working on AA.

When we first chose FV as a server Oger looked for a guild to join. Our first choice was Insanity, the name really represented the guild – and that’s not a good thing. Chatter was filled with a lot of conversations that I just wasn’t personally comfortable with. Lasted a day there before we moved on to Sentinels of Truth. This guild is incredibly friendly, and VERY active, when we logged in last night there were close to 20 others on doing things. Not bad for a Monday night. As EverQuest nears its 14th anniversary I expect those numbers will go up slightly.

I’m incredibly excited to be playing during the 14th anniversary. I’ve always loved all of the events, and having fabled drop in zones again is pretty neat. I told Oger we’ll have to go hunting for low level fabled gear for our characters.

One thing I completely forgot is that this server is FV, with its own rules. So when I out leveled a piece of defiant gear I had been deleting it if it didn’t sell to vendor. WRONG thing to do! Even though gear says you can attune it, on FV you don’t attune gear. So nothing is no-trade. Gear is re-useable! I’m going to try to keep that in the forefront of my mind today as we play. I can pass it off to alts, or sell it at the bazaar.

Speaking of, I actually sold a few hundred plat worth of items yesterday, yay! Mercenaries are paid for a bit longer. I also picked up a few pieces of gear to fill out the missing slots I have, although I DO still want to get into crafting. It may be easier when I’m higher level and have an easier time of harvesting bits. We’ll see I suppose.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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