EQ000024The more we played on FV, the more we realized that perhaps this server just wasn’t for us. One of the appealing things about Drinal (the server that I currently play on as my main) is that you’ll see people mention XYZ item is rotting in 123 zone, and players are free to come loot it. It’s very rare to see items selling for extreme amounts of money. On FV because the server has unique rule sets that allows for the trading of no-trade items, EVERYTHING is for sale, and there’s a lot of money floating around.

The down side is that there were easily 400+ people on during my play time, where as Drinal had around 200-300 in general channel. Still, that could also be a good thing, as it means that there’s a chance I may be able to get a few named and a few camps that are not already taken over by people.

So the decision was made, we would re-create new characters on Drinal, and start over. I have a lot of characters there already so switching wasn’t that big of a deal. I do have a 58 beastlord, but I’ll be replacing her with the new one I created.

We decided once more to skip the tutorial. I’m just not fond of it. Headed to Crescent Reach and spent the evening there taking down bears, pumas, spiders, and other nasty creatures. Before we knew it we were level 18 – which is a great chunk towards the level 47 that our previous characters were at. We also managed to get a lot more loot this time around, which I think is fantastic.

Being on Drinal has a few advantages, like the fact that my mains are here and I’ve done a lot of crafting over the years. I’ll be able to make backpacks, and jewelry, and other bits and bobs if I choose to. I have a keen interest in making racial armor for the beastlord, so I’ll be starting on that eventually. It’s also nice to be home. We’ll be looking for a new guild to join with our low level characters, and I’m excited about that. While the server may not be as populated as FV, there’s still a great number of folks playing, especially for a game that is 14 years old.

As always, happy gaming! No matter where you find yourself.

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