gw827The Combat Wombats were down by one, so I volunteered to fill in the empty spot on their weekly dungeon run. This week we were exploring Sorrow’s Embrace, a level 60 dungeon located in Dredgehaunt Cliffs. The moletariat running the place became corrupt, influenced by the inquest, and enslaved their own kind into mining forever. So that’s where you come in. Or a group of you in any case.

This was one of the most fun dungeons I’ve been to in GW2 so far, but I haven’t completed them all yet. I think the guild had a great combination of classes and we did pretty well. There was really only one tricky fight and that was a particular boss who liked to spawn a golem every 25% on us. Each one would have a unique tactic, like fire or poison. It took us three attempts to get him down, but we did it (and there was much rejoicing).

The final boss fight was the best yet, as you can see by the Terminator 2 tribute in the screen shot above. It was a fight where it didn’t matter how “good” you were or what gear you were wearing, what mattered was paying attention to where you were standing, and then hurling these giant boulders at the named throughout the encounter to damage him.

Since the zone is level 60 and my guardian is 80 the final reward wasn’t of much use to me, but I still had an amazing time playing with fellow Wombats, and the rest of the loot was nice. None of it was really an upgrade but it’s great to be able to clear story mode dungeons so that you’re ready for the exploration mode ones (which I have yet to do). I’m still contemplating what I’d like to level up next. I’ve been playing more EverQuest than GW2 lately but that’s one of the pleasures of not having to pay for a subscription to GW2. At least I don’t feel like I’m ‘wasting’ any money. In any case, there’s the mesmer I’ve been leveling up as well as my new found love for the elementalist. I’m not sure if either of them will ever actually make it to level 80, but at least it’s a project to work on.

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