EQ000008The beastlord 2.0 (and shadowknight) have managed to climb their way to level 42 after our play session today, just a nudge shy of where the 1.0 versions were at before we started over on Drinal. Things are going well. Today we spent most of our time in Stone Hive which was filled with people taking advantage of the hot zone experience. Once we were done I had more than enough bits and bobs to turn in to various NPCs and got quite a few upgrades.

When we had first started our adventures I turned on leadership aa because I wanted to take advantage of some of the perks those abilities give. However they take a substantial chunk of your over all experience away, they gain slowly, and the ability I want (health of targets target) is not even available until I’m much higher level so there’s no point quite yet. I fell behind almost a full level before turning it off and gaining experience like normal.

I’ve also been debating purchasing a house for my beastlord. I used to own one but I’m pretty sure I let the rent on it lapse and I haven’t set one up since. EQ1 houses are a lot of fun and you can get a lot of unique looks if you learn to work the mechanics properly. You can also use the houses for storage, something I can never have too much of.

Yesterday I also came to the conclusion that I wanted to create a shaman to level up for the specific purpose of one day making potions. The alchemy skill is level based and doesn’t unlock until 25 so I’ve got a bit of prep work to do first. Potions are nice to have though, and they can sell well in the bazaar as lowbies purchase them to make their leveling experience a bit easier (especially damage shields and mana regen).

Aside from that, things are going well. My trader has made almost 50,000 plat in offline mode which I’m pretty pleased about. Of course it all seems to just get spent on mercenary upkeep anyhow but hey every game needs its money drains.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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