So by now you’re looking at the title wondering “what the hell is DAW?!” – it’s a week long celebration of developers. In specific, it’s an event created by Scarybooster that has run for the last four years, giving thanks to the developers of our favorite games instead of acting like the¬†ungrateful consumers of content we often come across as. Welcome to day one of the Developer Appreciation Awards.

My first award goes out to the wonderful developers of Glitch. Every single one of them. They created a game that was outside of the norm, and isn’t that what all of us keep asking for? Something different. Something new. Sadly, Glitch shut down last year and that’s why it’s even more important that I award this. If you enjoy playing a game, it’s so very important that you show your support, because not all games last forever. Eventually they shut down, and losing a game that you enjoy playing really sucks. I can’t even begin to imagine what that feeling would be like had I created the game. I imagine that when you work on a project like that you put little pieces of your heart and soul into it, and pray that the other gamers understand where you’re coming from.

So thank you, wonderful developers of Glitch. I really liked your game and appreciate all the hard work you all must have done on it.

One thought on “Day One DAW: Glitch #playglitch”
  1. I still really miss Glitch. It was the perfect game for me when I didn’t feel like the time consuming grinds of WoW and EQ2, but I still wanted to explore a vibrant world and make a part of it my own.

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