14 years old, and still going strong. My second nomination for Developer Appreciation Week (thanks again Scarybooster for running this event) is the good folks who work on EverQuest – no matter what year they worked on it.

I recently started playing EverQuest again, and I’m so glad I did. There are over 600 people on most evenings (on my server, Drinal). The quests and expansions are still going strong and while it’s certainly not the glory days of this game any more the community is there and the developers have a close relationship to them. There have even been some developer changes lately to help bring the game more in line to those released these days, with an offline mode for the auction house, and mail that you can use to send items instead of just text (not that I ever get any mail, if I do it’s usually just spam).

This is a game that a lot of people use to mark how ‘fun’ they have in other games. Even if they don’t feel like they can return any more they’ll re-live the glory days over and over again, measuring each of their newer games against how much fun they had in it. Developers have left lasting impressions on players (not always¬†positive), and honestly that’s what we all hope to do some day.

So thank you, developers of EverQuest. Without this game I would have never met some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. I wouldn’t have started my blog (way back when, MmoQuests used to be just about EverQuest) and I would have never had so many new and amazing opportunities come my way.

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