Another game that is incredibly near and dear to my heart is Wurm Online. A game that combines combat (if you feel like it) with an incredibly large crafting system, AND terraforming. I have such love for the developer team of this game that it is probably borderline stalking.

So my fourth (wait, four? Isn’t there only one for Glitch up there so far? Just hold on, I’ve got two more coming that I’m post-dating) Developer Appreciation Award goes out to the team at Wurm Online.

We’ve had a lot of awesome changes lately, and these are all thanks to the dev team. New graphics, new sounds, new options for terraforming. For the first time since I’ve started playing on Deliverance, we have bison. That’s a pretty big deal. Of course every time a change is implemented there’s a mob of angry gamers looking to rip a new one into those responsible, so I just wanted to say


for making this game so amazing. Never in any game before have I seen such a robust crafting system. I’ve never had the ability to physically shape the land in an MMO to my specifications and some of the amazing stuff people have created over time is just that – amazing.


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