EQ000000Things are going very well in EverQuest lately. My beastlord is now level 57, and has been exploring Plane of Disease which is a hot zone for level 50 and up. There are some quests given out by an NPC outside of the guild lobby, they reward some very nice gear for these levels (shoulders, a belt, and a cloak). I picked up the quest and got a haste belt that was a huge upgrade (though all of the pieces are pretty nice upgrades). I currently have my experience on 50/50 so that half of it goes towards aa. I have over 30 aa so far although there are not many useful things for me to purchase at this level yet. Once I hit 60 a lot more will open up.

I’ll be exploring some old events and zones before too long, and broadcasting them on twitch tv. In case you’re not familiar with my channel, you can find it here. I only have a few broadcasts there so far but it will come with time.

I’ve also been working on my alchemy. My skill is at 150 so far, and I’ve been leveling up the crafting trophy as I go along which reminds me. There is apparently a quest you can do if you’re a crafter, that will allow you to unlock multiple mercenary slots instead of purchasing them in the station cash store. Of course purchasing them in the store is much easier than getting to 300 in every craft and then doing a quest, but for the determined, it works well. PLUS you can repeat this quest 4x allowing you to have 4 mercenary slots. This lets you easily switch from healer to dps to tank mercenary without having to go purchase a completely new one. I’m not quite at 300 in every craft yet, but it’s a dream of mine to be there one day.

I still haven’t done any of the anniversary things yet, but that’s alright. There’s so much to do in EverQuest I don’t feel like I’m missing out this year by leveling up a new character. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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