Shadow of Fear launch today, the second part of Rain of Fear, the latest EverQuest expansion. This second half of expansion goodness brings a few new zones, missions, and raids to the table along with new spells and alternate advancement. Since my enchanter is only level 93 there’s not a lot I can do with this latest update yet, but it won’t be long before I’m in the midst of it all (I believe around level 95 is when most things will come into play).

That doesn’t mean I’m not excited though, all of my friends and their level 100 characters will certainly be exploring the new areas that will be cram packed with other adventurers. I’m excited to see what will affect me. The new spells and aa in specific. I wish I could have gotten closer to 100 while I had the time, but that’s alright, I’ll get there eventually.

I’ve been having loads of fun playing EverQuest lately (as you can tell by my blog posts). I’m really glad I’ve returned. The game is still hard, and some classes are insanely over powered at the later levels (berserker decap and ranger headshot I’m looking at you) making it seem like my class is utterly worthless, but that’s alright, I just keep playing.

I’m not sure what else I want to play these days. I’ve always been a nomadic gamer and it seems a bit weird to only be focusing on one MMO. I’ve all but given up on Wurm Only, for a few reasons but the biggest reason being that I felt coerced into play because there were sever repercussions. If you don’t log in every single day, your animals / buildings / items suffer decay, and waste away. After playing for so long I disliked that penned in feeling, that feeling that I was going to actually lose my time invested if I wandered to another game. I LOVE the basics of Wurm, the creation process, the terraforming, all of it is amazing – but I don’t like being punished for not being there 24/7. I think I’ve finally broken free from that painful cycle.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “Shadow of Fear #EverQuest”
  1. This why I have to go to work everyday. :-)

    If you don’t log in every single day, your animals(wife and kids) / buildings(my home) / items(bills, food, medicine, car etc…) suffer decay, and waste away.

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