EQ000054With Shadow of Fear released yesterday, I found myself happily wandering through the new zones, attuning myself to the new portals. This will come in handy when it comes time to actually adventure in these zones, and for now I can go invis and collect shinies since some new ones were added (but the rewards are not any better).

The new prayer shawl 3.0 was also added to game, and components for it seem to be dropping quite frequently. Or at least my group found a few of the drops yesterday without too much issue. People were also selling them to vendor, unsure of what they are for. Oger has been purchasing them and saving them for later use.

My enchanter managed to ding level 94 in the Feerrott (which has become my home away from home for a number of levels now) and is well on her way to level 95. Then begins the slow climb to 100. It seems like such a daunting number.

I decided the guild needed a neighbourhood of its own, so I purchased one from the station cash store. A guild neighbourhood allows only those guild members to buy plots within it. It also came with a guild hall to decorate – enormous! The hall has all sorts of convenient NPC you can place – things like bank, parcel, and travel. It will take me quite some time to decorate it the way I want, but for now at least the NPC are all placed, and there’s a portion dedicated to crafting (with bankers close by so you can run to and from).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! I’ll see you in EverQuest.

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