EQ000059One thing I really like about EverQuest is how out of date content is still quite relevant in the current game. Last night I was invited along to raid the Citadel of the World Slayer, which is a raid from the Seeds of Destruction. Those are void zones, and while I’ve done a fair amount in the regular zones I had not done anything in the raid zones before so it was bound to be an adventure. We had 21 people in the raid but a good portion of those were boxed. The raid involves 7 boss fights, and we managed to down 5 of them before calling it a night. I imagine we’ll get the last two today.

While the gear that dropped was not anything to write home about the augments that drop and spell components are still quite handy, and of course there are achievements for completing these raids.

The first mob we were up against was Mindblight, which was a pretty straight forward fight. The mob would spawn, we hit it a while, then adds would spawn. We fight those until dead, then back to the named. Eventually a new type of mob would spawn, I would mez those and they would vanish. A few AOE went off at the same time, but nothing too serious. It was a fun fight, and a nice introduction back to raiding. The mobs gave experience since they were light and dark blue to me at 95, so while they’re certainly a few expansions behind it’s not as though they were complete pushovers.

Next was the Trophy Room, then Stasis which was my favorite fight. It involved a lot of running around, people being banished to cells, and an entire script that had to be played out. I may not have felt like the most useful person in the raid (almost everyone else is level 100 and are geared for raiding) but it was still a great time. I didn’t even die, although I did have a few close calls.

Left is Overlord Muram and the Edge of Destruction. I believe we’re going back to do those tonight, we have a lock out timer on the rest of the zone now. Who knows, eventually I may even be raiding current content, although these days I don’t really see a need to have very many enchanters on raids. We’re not exactly awesome DPS, though we do bring a few unique things to the table I don’t feel (yet) that any of them are essentials. I guess we’ll just have to see!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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