EQ000043It was a great Sunday for playing EverQuest, though I did manage to get a lot of spring cleaning done too (and broke the balcony door, thankfully that was easy to fix). Last night Oger, Xoxox, and myself decided to head to House of Thule to work on some missions, mostly for our alts. I boxed my ranger, and Xoxox boxed his ranger. We all earned a bunch of achievements for completing the missions in a timely fashion and for having no one die. Oger managed to edge his way to level 92 which is fantastic because that’s the first tier of Rain of Fear gear. Gear doesn’t make or break the game exactly (aa do) but it certainly does help.

Earlier on in the day I completed the pre-quest for the prayer shawl 3.0. Since I have not completed my 2.0 shawl yet I can’t go any further but it was nice to get it done. For the 2.0 I need to farm snow griffin eggs, something I dread. I’ll have to use my ranger to track and lately they have been camped by other people also trying to complete their prayer shawls. Go figure.

The 3.0 pre-quest was quite easy. It begins with Kerst Frostrift in PoK who is a new NPC in the center building of the small bank. There are a bunch of new NPC there along with various crafting depots. You need to speak to a few people and make a few items, nothing out of the ordinary. When that is completed you’ll be granted the title “Alliance Artisan” and you’ll also be given the book “Merchant Alliance Tradebook” – this book allows you to craft a few unique recipes which are great for end game characters.

My enchanter is very slowly inching her way towards level 96. It’s quite slow going now, but that could also be because I haven’t actually been earning experience on her in the typical sense of the term. I haven’t been grinding experience, rather. I’ve still been having a lot of fun completing what I have so far, yesterday I started the hand augment quest that involves an enormous amount of bits and pieces. I’ll have to make some room in my bank.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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