screenshot_2013-05-02-00-20-05My guardian is level 16 – almost 17 at the time of this post. Some fantastic things came with reaching those levels. At 15 I was able to access the foundry, which is dungeon creation. I haven’t begun to even attempt to create a dungeon yet, but they’re coming. I’ve had a lot of fun playing through the few foundry missions I’ve done so far, they have had some great stories. One tip I would give to people is to read the description of the foundry carefully first. They’re very specific as to how many people should be attempting them – I began one that said it was ideal for 2 people and it was a painful experience – but I did manage to complete it. It was also the first time I died.

You go through a few important stages. At 11 you can begin invocations (I think that’s what they’re called, basically its’ prayers). There’s an NPC you visit in the main city near the Northern part, she’s surrounded by a blue circle much like you see at a campfire. You can pray every hour, and earn buffs and astral diamonds from these blessings. The first time you pray every day you’ll earn some seals that you can collect and turn in. You also learn how the broker works, although to be honest I didn’t even bother reading the text on that quest, so far I’ve just sold everything to vendor.

I am also able to queue for dungeons now. The first one being ‘The Cloak Tower’ – and it was a lot of fun, but you have to be alright with ‘typical’ dungeon mechanics. What I mean is if you’re going with a group of strangers expect there to be that ONE person who rolls need on absolutely everything that drops. There’s those who don’t recognize anyone as being the tank and who are constantly rushing forward, etc. If you don’t enjoy PUGs you may not enjoy doing them in Neverwinter. However, I didn’t let that stop me, and just went with it. I didn’t win any gear, but I couldn’t use it for my class anyhow. I did earn a bunch of seals, and I enjoyed the little stats at the end that mentioned how much “stuff” everyone did (healing, dps, etc). I have no idea what the seals are for, or where to spend them. I think I saw an npc standing outside of the actual zone-in entrance, but I’ll have to check tomorrow to be certain.

Anyhow. It was fun, I had fun, and I’m having fun. More details tomorrow! For now I need some sleep. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “Dungeon Delving – The Cloak Tower #Neverwinter”
  1. I got on last night and ran the tutorials with a DC and a CW. Both were quite fun, and I can’t really say which I preferred. The DC was pretty nice simply rofl-stomping the lowbie mobs due to its self-heals, but the boss fights were far quicker with the CW since it has so many stuns even at a mere level 4. I had a fun night with it.

  2. :) Sleepy blogger is sleepy!

    Glad you had fun though! I gotta get in there before I out-level it!

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