EQ000060Last night was a trip to Breeding Grounds to complete an instance, the mobs were red con to my 95 enchanter, but that didn’t stop Fremder and Nonpoint from taking them down for Oger and myself. The experience was pretty good, without grinding any experience my enchanter is part way through level 95. I still have a ways to go, but it’s moving at least. I’ve also been camping lion skin pelts in North Karana – something I absolutely hate doing. They’re incredibly rare, and used in an awesome quiver that my ranger wants. At 170k it may be quicker to farm the plat than it is to farm these pelts. On the plus side I also farm a lot of grizzly bear tufts along with wolf bits, and these sell for a fair amount in the bazaar. Offline selling has been a blessing, especially since I have two accounts.

Our mission began with Glimkar, we were completing “The Rise of the Ancients” which really went a lot more smooth than I thought it would have, considering our level compared to the level of the encounters. We also got an achievement for not killing any of the little rat mobs that were scattered throughout the zone. A nice bst neck piece dropped for an alt of Fremder, as well as a level 99 spell component. All in all, it was a nice relaxing way to spend an evening.

Unlike the rest of the week where I’ve been working on that hand aug.. Ugh.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “Enter Breeding Grounds #EverQuest”
  1. Note that it’s just the quiver that’s selling for that much, not the pelts, the pelts are 30-40k each (the quiver takes two).

  2. In thirteen and a half years, no small amount of which has been spent in North Karana, I have found precisely one High Quality Lion Skin. The last time I was there killing lions, however, was probably three or four years ago.

    Looking at the Zam thread on the topic, (first comment April 2003, most recent comment March 2013) it would appear the drop rate was heavily increased at some point from mind-destroyingly insane to merely annoying. Several people over the last few years are quoting farmtime in hours rather than months or even years as it used to be. I might have to log in and have a go myself. I could do with 170k Plat.

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