singingThis weekend was spent trying to finish off that many-piece hand aug – and I actually managed to finish it thanks to some help (mostly company) from Oger. The final portion was doing two missions so that we could afford to spend doubloons on the 7 containers that are required for the final combine. I’m really pleased that we finished it, and that the 20+ pieces of the quest are out of my bags. The aug is an upgrade for me, so I expect that I’ll be using it for quite some time. There were a lot of achievements with finishing this item, one for each island you complete, then two for finishing all of the islands and also doing the final combine for the hand.

The remainder of my weekend was spent decorating my humble abode. I had previously owned a house but since I had been away for more than 90 days they evicted me. I received a nice little parcel with my belongings all packed up. So I moved into the guild neighbourhood, picking the best plot of the zone, of course, which is right beside a lake. The old house I owned still had all of its items inside which meant that I really only had to work on making the outside look presentable.

While I was decorating and placing a few paintings – my curious box item (a statue of a frog) came to life with a top hat and a cane and began dancing and singing around me! It was hilarious and so completely unexpected that I couldn’t help but take a few screen shots.

EQ doesn’t have nearly as many quested items as EQ2 and I find that to be the one downfall to the games housing. There are merchants who sell house items, there are crafted house items, many in-game items can be placed, and there is of course the station cash store. There is a small handful of quested house items but it leaves a lot to be desired and I found absolutely no way to get this list without specifically requesting it on the forums. Google search brought up pretty much nothing. I suppose that’s what comes with a 14 year old game. At least there’s some information about it out there.

I also learned that there’s a taxidermy ability that came with VOA that allows you to mount a few mob heads to your wall as house items. These items are technically crafted, so they’re also not listed on any housing item list per say. The best way for me to figure out what sorts are out there was to do a search for ‘mounted‘ in zam. Sadly it doesn’t look like any new ones were added with RoF but hey at least it’s something.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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