EQ000061With the hand aug finally out of the way, it was time to decide what to work on next. My typical group of EQ players are a bit bogged down lately with work, so most of the time I’m on my own. EQ is a tough game to play alone, for a number of reasons. I spent some time over at the latest EQ fan site, EQResource – they have a fantastic little area of “special quests” listed. One of the sections is all about housing quests, which I have partially worked on but not yet completed. This is on my list of things to do before too long. I also want to complete ‘An Epic Request‘ which allows you to get an ornamentation for your weapon if you’ve completed one (or both) of your epic quests. I’ve always loved the graphic of my enchanter epic, so this is something I certainly want to complete.

Instead of doing any of that, yesterday was spent with me working on obtaining my Master Baker Trophy. In hindsight I really should have obtained all of my trophies well before hitting 300, because the baking test that you have to complete is much easier at lower levels. The higher level ones tend to require a bunch of items that no one sells and you’ll have to go out hunting for. For the Master trophy I had to create the following:

Create 1 Hearty Meat Sauce using tradeskills
Create 1 Sea Green Cookies using tradeskills
Create 1 Wolf Fillet in Cream using tradeskills
Create 1 Pixie Powder Cinnesticks using tradeskills
Create 1 Beer-Battered Darkhollow Basilisk Souffle using tradeskills
Create 1 Grandmaster Baker’s Spoon using tradeskills
Create 1 Blood Raven Stew using tradeskills
Create 1 Hero Sandwich using tradeskills
Create 1 Hobgoblin Surprise using tradeskills
Create 1 Misty Thicket Picnic using tradeskills

As you can see it also requires the Grandmaster item which is the old crafting trophy people used to get with a 5% mod. The new ones grant 15% at their highest evolution. Of course me being me, I accidentally gave my quest piece to my enchanter PET instead of to the quest NPC. The pet stands right in front of me, constantly, and if I’m not paying close attention it is way too easy to do this. So I had to send in a petition and have a friendly GM return the piece to me. Thankfully they did so without any issues at all and I didn’t even have a very long wait.

While I was waiting to complete the trophy I decided to start a new magician. I still yearn for a class that I can play alone when my steady group is otherwise occupied. I’ve heard good things about magicians but I’ve never played one before. I leveled her up in Crescent Reach last night, and I’m level 15 so far. Things should be pretty straight forward until about level 40-50 and then I’ll see how much I enjoy the class.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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