EQ000063I haven’t had a lot of time to game lately, the weekend was filled with purchasing a new entertainment unit and then helping to bring that thing home – and then I got a really bad tooth infection so I’ve been pretty out of it on painkillers and antibiotics. I did get a little bit of gaming in though. Fremder, Oger and myself managed to make our way to a VOA mission or two, and they were quite fun! In the one pictured above we had to move some objects over so that we could kill the Avatar of Steel, he would send earthquakes out over the land and cause a ruckus. We didn’t have to do too much for this mission, but the next one made up for it.

In the next mission we decided we would try to complete the achievements as well. This involved killing a bunch of different creatures in the instance, as well as defeating all of the hunters that were down one path. The mission itself was quite neat, we had to follow an NPC down a path to a cave area, and while the NPC was not aggro to anything, we sure were. Plus everything sees invis. Once we made our way there, we had to open a crate that had a mommy dog in it, and then she attacked us, so we had to kill her. We opened the rest of the crates and found other pups in those which we had to collect and return to the NPC. It seems like those pups were being stolen and shipped out illegally! Who would do such a thing!

I like missions that have a story and have more to them than just simple killing. Although we had to re-start the second one because we didn’t get the updates properly. Experience is quite slow now, my enchanter is almost 96 but not quite there yet. With everyone busy finding a group to gain experience with is something that doesn’t happen all that often. I’ve been thinking of delving into WoW again for a bit as a nice ‘relaxing’ no brainer game, but we’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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