It’s been a little while since I’ve played Rift, but since I won 30 days free + the storm legion expansion, I decided I should probably take advantage of the 9 days I have left. Although the game IS going free to play in June (starting the 12th) so who knows maybe I’ll still be playing.

Anyhow. The last time I played was well before dimensions came out, and it was before fishing, and survival. My goal today was pretty simple, reacquaint myself with the crafting portion of things (very easily done, my bank is filled with bits and bobs) and take it from there. I managed to complete some weekly and daily crafting quests, and before too long I found myself with a pole in hand, relaxing and catching fish.

Fishing is pretty easy. You hotkey the fishing rod. Click it and move a little circle icon over the water, it will change colours based on difficulty level. Wait for the splash, and then left or right click the water. You may not actually “catch” the fish that round, and you may have a second or third splash to listen to. Eventually you end up with a random fish, a piece of crap to sell, or a collection piece. Before I knew it an hour had gone by and I had finished a handful of quests along with some survival quests, which are basically cooking quests.

I wanted to purchase a new dimension, but I’m out of money so that is on hold until I can earn some more. Quests seem to reward a lot these days, and although general chat was VERY quiet there was some conversation about how 9,000 plat at level 51 was the ‘norm’ these days. Oh my. I have 3.

I’ve been trying to find a game I can play while my usual group is busy with real life. So far nothing has really stuck or kept my interest beyond an hour a week. So I’ll keep looking. I’m hoping to get into the Wildstar beta one day, but for now I haven’t had any luck.

Are you going to give Rift another try when it goes free to play? Or do you feel that Trion has just put the last nail in the coffin so to speak? Let me know in comments and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

3 thoughts on “Gone Fishing #Rift”
  1. With it going f2p I will more than likely return to rift but it just didnt grab me as a main game .One of my dip into when I am bored of wow games u think .

  2. 9000 plat isn’t the norm for anyone. I have 3 capped level 60 characters and nothing to spend my plat on except mounts and I’ve only ever barely managed to scrape together 300 plat once.

    Granted, I probably have 80-120 plat on each of the 3 characters so could combine it all on one to have “more” but 9,000 at 51?!?!?!?!? No way is that normal.

  3. I’m back to RIFT now that I have the remainder of the 30 days myself, and that it’s going F2P. I’m still annoyed that they changed my main character’s total soul compliment, but I like that they streamlined the intro, so I’m starting new this time around.

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