Screenshot-73Ah university life. Staging protests against death (pictured above), doing street art, attempting to go to class, juice pong… These are our days, right?

I purchased Sims University when it released, mostly because I’m a huge sucker for everything Sims related. In fact I can’t wait until Sims 4 is released next year, even though Sims 3 has only been out a short while and they seem to put out a new expansion every month (or two). This expansion is a LOT of fun, and it gets your sim off the usual map, which is great if you’re a bit bored with your current family.

So Ellithia (my genie from previous posts) is off getting a degree in the arts. She spends lots of time exploring the various social groups too which is hilarious and bad all at once. They are your stereotypical groups, jocks, nerds, rebels – but what did you expect from the sims, the entire game is made up of stereotypes and generalizations. That’s where the humor comes in.

Screenshot-69You can even get dares – the one pictured above is me going dumpster diving. I walked away with a little extra cash which is really important while you’re off at university (especially if you don’t use the motherload cash command). You attend classes, take exams, and go to a lot of parties. I haven’t been playing this expansion as much as I would have liked yet (there are still 8 days left before finals) but I’m having an absolute blast. A few things of course make it all easier. My sim (as I mentioned) is a genie, so I can instantly clean the dorm I’m living in, myself, and any friends. This saves me a LOT of time that I would otherwise be spending in the bathroom. The dorm is disgusting, constantly. I can also conjure food, so I save time cooking. It may look like ‘cheating’ but since they’re built right into my Sims everyday functions I don’t see them that way.

When she’s done at university I expect she’ll go home and take up her singing career again, but we’ll just have to see. Maybe she’ll change her mind altogether and become a doctor. You just never know, and whatever happens during a play session is random and unique to that encounter – one of my absolute favorite things about this game.

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