EQ000065This weekend is double exp weekend in both EverQuest and EverQuest 2 – and I made sure to take advantage of it. My enchanter started out most of the way through level 95 which I have been for quite some time. I was finding that level long than any other level I had come across so far. Thanks to some great friends and some fun times, she is now level 98. I may actually make it to 100 before the next expansion comes which would be something I haven’t done in years.

The beginning of the weekend was spent making new friends. Wolfrik is a friend of Xoxox and plays a handful of characters but I know him best as his ranger. Meeting new people in EverQuest isn’t the easiest of tasks for me. I tend to get annoyed, I don’t like being on vent all of the time, and I’m old fashioned. In this regard Wolfrik is a kindred spirit, which is a blessing to the play style of myself and Oger.

We headed to Veil of Alaris missions to start with. We got a lot of achievements and I came across the most annoying mission yet. You spend your time riding around on an airship taking down mobs with items given to you by the NPC (unless you’re ranged, in which case you can at least use your own spells). That in itself is not the annoying part. What’s annoying is that the airship you’re on is incredibly bugged, it doesn’t look like it but it secretly seems to bob through the air so you’re constantly having LOS issues (line of sight). Your pets (and auras, since they are invisible pets) are useless for the mission, as well as mercenary, because they can’t actually do anything while you’re on the airship bobbing around. So you fly around between a lot of towers, slowly using a ray gun or your ranged spells while doing so. Eventually bombs start flying at you. You can DPS these down or hopefully have a healer that can take care of it. During another portion you drop bombs down below and kill a bunch of mobs too.

If it wasn’t for the bugged airship this mission would have been a lot of fun. As it is though it takes a very long time (you don’t control the machine or where it’s headed) especially because it seems to spend half the time unnecessarily roaming around the air with no destination in mind. I think it’s a neat attempt at making a different type of mission (and in fact VoA is filled with these types of unique missions) but it wasn’t implemented quite as well as one would have hoped.

Oger and I also decided to head back to our old guild (one that we run, there’s a few other members but they haven’t been around since 2007). While Pak’cafan members were nice they were also incredibly quiet and prefered to do things on their own. I have no issues with that but it defeated the purpose of joining a guild to begin with. Now that I’m making some out of guild friends, the desire to be a part of a guild like that has lessened quite a bit. Especially since I just purchased that new guild hall for the smaller one.

All in all it has been a fantastic weekend so far. I’m very pleased that I’m closing in on level 100 with the enchanter, and I’m having a lot of fun running through VOA and now ROF content. I hope everyone else had a great time this weekend too! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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