EQ000066Ah yes, Sunday of double exp weekend, where everyone and their dog is grinding experience in little camps all over Norrath. It wasn’t exciting, but it was.. well. It was EverQuest. It’s exactly how I remember the game being. This is a good thing, although I know it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea any more to spend hours upon hours grinding in a single spot. We got a lot of talking done which is something I also don’t see in very many other games any more. I value that more than the actual levels gained.

My enchanter reached level 100. For the first time ever in my 10 years of playing EverQuest (off and on, mind you) I’m actually at the current cap. I’ve come close before but usually the cap goes up JUST as I’m about to reach it.  This year I’ve reached more of my EverQuest goals than ever before, and I couldn’t be more pleased. One was to reach 300 in each of my crafts (technically I still have tinkering and research to go, but I’ve made a good start) and the other was to reach 100 on at least one character. Possibly more but we’ll see how that goes.

Being at the current level cap certainly doesn’t mean that I’m “done” now either. There are over 11,000 aa to obtain next (I have 1.3k which is a tiny amount), crafting trophies, achievements, and much more. I’m also trying to decide which character to level up next during off peak hours when friends are not around. I tend to waver back and forth between a handful of my alts, which I’ll probably continue to do.

Wulfrik, Elte, Oger, and myself settled in for a long camp at Cobalt, a named wyvern in Shard’s Landing. Later on we were joined by Faliin, a necromancer. I wasn’t the only one who saw the benefits of the double xp weekend, Oger inched his way from 92 to 99, and Wulfrik reached 100 with his shaman and gained quite a few levels with his ranger. Still, a break after that much of a grind is a good thing. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and had a great time! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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