EQ000078Yesterday while leveling up my paladin I started thinking about my 1.0 epic. At first glance I thought it may be too difficult, it used to require both Nagafan and Vox as kills. However, players now have two extra dragon options with each of those drops. You CAN kill Nagafan and Vox, or you can kill Talendor, Severilous, Faydedar or Gorenaire. It just so happened that when Oger went and checked on Vox, she was up! I shrouded my ranger down to level 50, and her and my 49 paladin made our way to Permafrost and slowly towards Vox’s lair.

Of course first we accidentally pulled her along with a bunch of giants that started chain healing themselves. The fight took a very long time, and in the end both Oger (who was shrouded down) and Pumpkins (my shrouded ranger) died, while Dyathe (my paladin) and the three mercenary lived long enough to put the finishing blow on the ice dragon.

I got my drop easily enough, along with a white dragon scale to sell, a cleric only 2hb and a bracelet. I was very happy. My paladin may be low level, but I would really like to complete her 1.0 (and then her 1.5 and her 2.0). Because lately I have been boxing the account along with my main account, I decided to re-subscribe her using a krono I purchased from the bazaar. I had let the account lapse last month thinking that I was no longer interested in boxing and that I may switch over to another game (ie: Rift). Sadly, or perhaps not so sadly, nothing else seems to be holding my attention these days like EverQuest does. I have no regrets about signing the second account back up, and I’ll probably continue to pay for the account via krono for as long as I can.

The paladin is now level 52, and I’m debating whether or not I want to continue working on her epic or go back to leveling and working on alternate advancement. This character will probably level slower than my others, as I would like (for once) to keep up with her alternate advancement so that she’s not a completely useless character. We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, it’s really nice to have the ranger back.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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