Screenshot-140A few times now I have heard friends of mine talking about a “legacy family” in the Sims 3, and I had absolutely no idea what this was or what it meant, so of course I looked it up. It turns out a legacy family is a player challenge, and there are all sorts of them. It also looked like a lot of fun, especially because we all know how much I love the Sims 3. I took to the forums and found this post from 2009 that explains the basic rules, and I created Ellithia Reveur, my legacy sim.

The rules are basic. You create a new family, a single founder. They have to start off in a specific lot that only leaves you with $1300 to build a house. You can’t use money cheats (or any cheats). The overall “goal” is to live through TEN generations and to lead your family to fame, fortune, and success over the course of those 10 generations. There are a few other specific rules mentioned in the post which I linked above, but that’s the jist of it. For your starting sim you pick the sex, age, and have full choice over their looks, colours, and clothing. Your legacy family has to remain the active family. You can’t resurrect dead sims. You can’t use ambrosia. You can’t consume life fruit. You can only age up your sim when the game prompts you to. You can’t ward off death.

Pictured above, my legacy founder, Ellithia, rummaging through the junk yard to try to gather enough scraps to sell to afford a sleeping bag. I managed to build a 6×6 house, purchase a door for said house – and eventually afford a $100 sleeping bag. I hung her diploma on the wall, and she’s set. She doesn’t even know what greatness she’s going to be heading into. Once I was able to afford a sleeping bag she headed out to find a job, eventually finding one as a dishwasher. She’s in a pretty posh neighbourhood, so she made (tentative) friends with the neighbours and used their shower as well as ate some yogurt from their fridge, she can’t actually afford to cook anything in someone else’ house at the moment. After some yogurt and a shower she used the washroom before the neighbours told her she was acting inappropriate and she should leave. So she headed home to spend the next few hours sleeping in her incredibly comfortable sleeping bag.

Couldn’t afford floors or walls or anything yet, so for now, this will have to do.


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