EQ000080Yesterday I decided I would try to get the paladin to level 70 – this lets me group up with level 100 characters, the current cap in game. I started out in The Undershore and then at 65 I moved over to Wall of Slaughter. There was the usual group of afk-levelers hanging out with their mercenary but aside from that the zone was relatively quiet. I boxed the paladin and the ranger together, along with the rangers J5 tank mercenary. There were two deaths when I got a bit too adventurous but for the most part it all went very well.

I also took down a raid mob that was in the zone that I didn’t realize was actually a raid mob until I started fighting it and noticed that the mob was dying very slowly (and my mercenary was dying not so slowly). I used the ranger emergency skills and managed to kill it before I wiped, yay. Sadly the mob is used for nothing more than someone else’ epic, so it wasn’t of any use to me but since I had pulled it by mistake to begin with I wasn’t that heartbroken.

This morning has been spent gearing the paladin up in defiant gear, the level 70-80 gear is incredibly cheap which is always a nice thing when you have as many alts as I do. I also went and purchased her spells and am now ready to brave Norrath once more. I have her set to 100% aa for the time being so I can try to catch up. Even at 70 there are a LOT of achievements I need. I’ll probably team up with Oger and do lower level zones that still grant him aa so that we can both benefit.

One of the best parts of being level 70 now aside from being able to group with a level 100 character is the fact that I qualify for the MGB buffs that get cast in the guild lobby (I believe 65 is the actual level you need to qualify). Sitting there for a little bit of time means when I go out exploring I am all ready. Still undecided as to whether or not I’ll work on crafting with the paladin, but I’m tickled with the progress so far.

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