Screenshot-180Even though a new Sims 3 expansion is out (Island Paradise) I decided that I didn’t want to neglect my new legacy family too much, so I went back and started playing today. As you can see by the screenshot above things are not exactly going well for this little sim. I couldn’t keep going to the neighbours place to shower and forage for food, they kicked me out again and asked me to leave. I figure spending money at the store buying pre-made food is probably not very healthy or money wise, so I came to a tough decision.

It was time to get rid of my walls.

It almost looks like I downgraded since now I don’t have a house at all, but at least I can shower, eat, and sleep. So what if there’s a raccoon pillaging my fridge in the night and everyone can see into the shower.

Things started getting even harder from that point. First of all I work as a dishwasher, so I don’t exactly make a lot of money and my promotions are heavily influenced on the mood my sim is in at work. Of course with no walls barely any food and $3 to my name as you can imagine my mood is not exactly very high. I’ve gone to work twice, and made about $140 each time. The second blow came when I realized that it’s “Leisure Day” tomorrow in game which means no work at all. Normally that’s how my sim passes her time, since she sure can’t afford to do too much. Hopefully the festival is not too expensive, maybe she can even win a hot dog eating contest and come home with a snow cone machine or some other handy item that I can sell.

In the meantime, lets collect those dishes and was– crap. I don’t have a sink.

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